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Who am I?


Helene Könau

Healing Practitioner (Psychotherapy)
- body psychotherapy -
& yoga teacher


I'm Helene Könau and my path of movement began with yoga, which I've been practicing since my youth.

I passionately dedicated my studies to cultural studies and thought and wrote a lot. After that I made my way into more practical work, did a Hatha yoga training in India and have been a yoga teacher since 2013. That's why this site is also called Yogalabor (or yogalab) : For me, research into movement and body perception began in this context.

My great interest in understanding embodied humanity more thoroughly accompanied me on my way through my physiotherapy training (2013-2016).

This work brings me into contact with all kinds of human bodies. I am grateful for that and also happy about all the experiences that I can gain in this way.

Wer bin ich

I'm interested in aliveness and how it expresses itself physically and where it falters. I am interested in the body as a living space and our possibilities to get to know ourselves by sensing. With my training in transformative body psychotherapy in Berlin, I have been immersing myself more and more in this perspective since 2017. I have been a psychotherapeutic healing practitioner since 2020 and have been accompanying people with body psychotherapy ever since. In order to join the ethical standards and to maintain the exchange with colleagues, I have also been a candidate member of the German Society for Body Psychotherapy (DGK) since 2021.


body psychotherapy


Body psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that sees people as embodied from the start: our body is present in all our experiences.

To explore our immediate bodily experience,

  • brings us in contact with ourselves and our aliveness

  • helps us to make contact with others in a more authentic way

  • supports us in decisions

  • and can help us on our way through crises

- especially when this happens in the protected space of an appreciative therapeutic relationship.

Body psychotherapy offers a variety of methods and techniques that are used individually: e.g. body awareness, breathing, movement, pausing and also touch.

​In the tradition of humanistic psychotherapy, it is less about giving people a label with diagnoses, but about supporting the whole person on their own path. I suggest procedures in the individual process in the way that I find helpful - and you as a client see what feels right, what you would like to try and what not. For me, this is about working together at eye level - I bring my therapeutic knowledge and experience with me and you are the expert of yourself and have space to get to know and experience yourself more and more.

"The more we hold, the less we move; the less we move, the less we feel and the less we learn from moving experience. If we don't sense and feel, we have to make up who we are ."  Wolf Buntig

"By being anchored in one's own body, a feeling of vitality, joie de vivre and connection with oneself can arise, which forms a good basis -

also for difficult life situations and times.” Bettina Schroeter

procedure and costs

If you are interested, please contact to arrange an introductory meeting.


In Germany, body psychotherapy is not financed by statutory health insurance companies. Some private insurance companies cover part of the cost. If you are privately insured, it is best to ask whether this is the case with me as a psychotherapeutic healing practitioner (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie).

If you would like to start therapy after an introductory meeting (45 minutes at 50), we will first arrange 5 sessions.

A session lasts about 60 minutes and costs 80 € - if it is not financially possible for you, talk to me and we will discuss what is possible .

Especially at the beginning of therapy, a meeting every 1-2 weeks makes sense. Depending on the topic, process and financial resources, larger distances are also possible. Depending on the issue, the therapy process can last from a few sessions to a continuous process over a long period of time. We take the time to see what is right for you.


Due to the current situation in Saxony, I work with 3G - for people without vaccination with a daily test,  for vaccinated and recovered people it is enough if the test is up to 48 hours ago.

If required, online sessions or via phone are also possible .

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Yoga courses: when, where, how much?

Yogakurse: Wann, wo, wieviel?

yoga classes

yoga classes

I give open hours in which I like to do regular research with people and open up space for relaxation, strengthening and observation. At the beginning I ask what the participants want, so the lessons are designed differently each time according to their needs.

Mondays 19:00 - 20:30 in the palm garden

in case of rain 8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. in the physiotherapy Asana,    Könneritzstraße 38

(New) registrations at:



8-card 88 € (valid for 11 weeks: is cheaper & needs more commitment) *

12-ticket 162 € (valid for 7 months: costs a little more, but you have plenty of time to shop around) *

Single lesson €15

Trial lesson €10

* the tickets are extended by one week if the course is canceled or there is no space left although you wanted to register

Yoga classes: background

Anchor 1

Yoga has accompanied me on my way for many years and since 2013 I have been passing on what grounds, inspires, fascinates, calms, strengthens me... Experience from many areas flows in here: in general from physiotherapy, yoga therapy, breathing therapy, from dance, from other forms of movement, from various meditation formats and also from body psychotherapy.

Yoga as a word comes from Sanskrit and means "connecting" - one's own mind with one's body, one's self with the world. For me, here - in the western world, which has produced individual ways of life that did not exist in ancient India - it also means connecting with other people in the room and with the world around us. The yoga laboratory is an invitation to experiment, to try things out, to take a close look and listen. What are the thousands of years old movements, breathing exercises and philosophical perspectives doing to us here and now?

yoga gallery


Traveling with yoga




Place of body psychotherapy


Hildebrandstrasse 36,

Leipzig Connewitz

Location for yoga classes: Skype/Palm Garden


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